Thursday, May 28, 2009

Timpanogos Caves!

Timpanogos Caves!!!

Audrey Miller
Kassi Miller
Kassi and Dallen
Mom and Dad
Kevin Miller
Mom being a dork like me!!
Kim and Kevin Miller
Everyone but me!
lots of people
Me and Dad actually being normal for once.
this is my kind of normal!!!
Going under some rocks. about half way there.

everybody was looking at how steep the cliff was.
You could see right through the mountains to the city. it was really cool!
me again
half a mile left!!!
cute little chipmunk. i took the picture right as he jumped away. it was perfect timing!
original cave entrance
those kool looking things! idk what they are called sorry. they hang from the ceiling though. i do know that much!
somewhere in the cave
cave tunnel thingy
This is a wall where water drips down all of the time and it helps keep the cave alive. That's why it looks the way it does.
this is a lake inside the cave. you cant see it very well though.
cool little cave. they wouldn't let us in it though :(
AHHH its those hanging things again!!!
This is the heart of the cave
Here is another little lake
umm...idk what this is. it is in the cave though.
Cool ceiling!
original cave exit/entrance was even tired from the hike!

TaVaCi Concert

TaVaCi Concert

Natalie is in the middle
Brianna was doing a dance in the back row. center right.
Brianna. back left.
Brianna. back left.
Brianna. back left.
All TaVaCi kids
Finally!!!!!! i think that's how you spell it.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Brandon's Wrestling Matches - December 2008

Brandon- Make a mean face!!!
Let's be dorks now!

Look Mom!! Major haircut comin' up next.

Below is some video footage of the monkey in action.